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Democracy Now! Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Published September 9, 2003

Army Extends Duties For 20,000 Reserves
White House Sources: More Than $87 Billion Needed For Iraq
Poll: Iraq Invasion Increased Terror Threat to U.S.
Arab League Grants Iraq Seat
CIA Warned of “Chaos” in Iraq & Armed Resistance
Congressman Obey Calls For Rumsfeld & Wolfowitz To Resign
More Headlines…

Protest Planned Against Ashcroft's NYC Visit as Part of Nationwide Tour to Defend Patriot Act
Attorney General John Ashcroft attends a closed meeting with law enforcement officials to defend the Patriot Act against mounting claims that it undermines civil liberties. We host a debate between the New York Civil Liberties Union and the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Jailed African American Webmaster Sherman Austin Moved Into Isolation After Receiving White Supremacist Death Threats
Austin began a yearlong prison term last week. Federal officials charged that he had illegally distributed information about how to build Molotov cocktails on his website. We speak with his mother Jennifer Martin.

Conscientious Objector Sentenced to Six Months in Jail
21 year-old U.S. Marine reservist Stephen Funk was found guilty of unauthorized absence for refusing to report to his unit during the Iraq war. We speak with his lawyer Stephen Collier.

"Guarding the Oil Underworld in Iraq" – U.S. Hires Private Security Firm in Iraq; WTO Protesters Head to Cancun
We go to Cancun, Mexico to hear from Pratap Chatterjee of on a private security firm recently contracted by the U.S. to train 6,500 Iraqis to guard oil pipelines in Iraq and to discuss the upcoming WTO ministerial meeting.

Supreme Court Appears Split On Overturning New Campaign Finance Law
In a special summer session, the nation’s high court heard arguments on the constitutionality of the law regulating soft money donations from corporations and labor unions. Democracy hosts a debate between Common Cause and the Cato Institute.

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